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I’d like to thank many people for help in developing the images, sacred texts and passages for this booklet, and for commenting on the drafts. The work could not have been done without their support and comments.

Thanks are due to: Chandra Shah and members of the Shree Mahavir Swami Jain temple; Abdi Gure and Hanan Ibrahim from the Somali community; Arvind Joshi, Raksha Pandya, and Bhagadatta at Bhativedanta Manor from the Hindu community, Reehan Mirza for the Qur’anic texts, Rector Mark Philips at Christchurch, staff at Our Lady & St. Thomas, Rabbi Hilton from KolChai, Rabbi Kathleen Magtige-Middleton from Middlesex New Synagogue, Rabbi David Hulbert, Mr Rusi Dalal from the Zoroastrian community, Mrs Mahnaz Bahaji and Mr Khosrow Tajbakhsh from the Iranian community, Mr Nadir Hassani and Mrs Wahida Zalmai of the Afghan Association, Marcia Mendoza, and Mrs Elmore Purcell from the African Caribbean Association. The listing pages were developed by Mark Gillham, Acting CEO at Mind in Harrow, whose support was invaluable.

Natalie Tobert
Mind in Harrow, January 2009