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  About the 'People Like Us' Campaign  

Between September 2008 and March 2010, Mind in Harrow ran a mental health promotion campaign to improve knowledge and understanding of mental health and increase awareness of mental health services among Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) communities in Harrow.

Following three months of research in summer 2008, planning and consultation with Harrow's communities, we came with an innovative and exciting campaign, which included:

  • A series of 'People Like Us' posters in key locations
  • The unique 'People Like Us' website detailing local services in various languages alongside spiritual images and religious text
  • 'People Like Us' advertising on local radio including details of local services
  • Local newspaper articles featuring case studies and details about local services
  • 'People Like Us' Mental health promotion workshops

The project included an evaluation of its achievements and impact with a view to further mental health promotion follow-up activities in Harrow. The final project report, "Bridging Cultures, Dissolving Barriers", is available to download from the Mind in Harrow website.

The project was funded and supported by NHS Harrow Primary Care Trust (PCT).

Mind in Harrow is a local charity which supports people experiencing mental health problems in Harrow to live independent and full lives. Our services include befriending & outings, education and leisure opportunities, refugee and asylum seekers' support, information and advice, volunteer placements. We are committed to involving service users in all our activities and support the Harrow User Group.